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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Photo Gallery (Sunny on Graduation)

Lookie who I ran in to!
Well not quite. I flew over to see her as we celebrate her pretty amazing accomplishment! And while I was here, of course I had to take a few photos.
So I can remember what she looks like when I have to leave her...
and cry...
3 years later and it's still hard to leave her.

More to come later. Right now I'm just soaking her in!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Simon says stretch your legs!

You that time when you're on a long(ish) road trip and you just gotta get out and play Simon says to stretch your legs a little...
and you can't help but let the littlest one (who happens to stick out her tongue all the time now) win...
Ya, that happened.

Please forgive me for the lack of posts recently. I've been soaking up both my family and summer for a while.
I'm coming back.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Swimming, garden veggies & short comings

We had to trek back down the mountain to the desert for a couple appointments, (Dental. Mine. Don't get me started.) and just about the only good thing about the desert in the 115 degrees is the pool. So the kiddos swam and swam and swam and swam some more to get the most out of the pool. After 5 weeks playing in the mountain they had accumulated a lot of dirt in every crease and being in the pool no less than 6 hours a day was just the thing to soak them clean. 

I want to say more yes'es to my family so in the middle of it all, Livy is harvesting from her garden so the kiddos has super fresh tomatoes and carrots while swimming. Because why not eat veggies in the swimming pool. 
Keeping it real, it has been... it is a rough couple days for me. Not because of the desert and the heat. Not because of the dental work, although that hasn't helped any. Not because of the kids. Just because of my own shortcomings.

... and just keep focusing on the ordinary miracles in the pictures so I don't drown.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Puzzle making... and a lizzard

These images are so us.

The puzzle took 2 days for the family to complete. I'm not a big puzzle person, (but I might be after this) so I thought that was kinda fast! Not always, but because we are a big family there was usually someone working on it all the time, trying to finagle a piece in somewhere. And every single person in the family helped get it finished. I love these images becuase the are just so right where we are right now!
The Man Child who really is hardly ever wearing a shirt, 'cause why would he?
The lizard, becuase why not.
Livy with a little one next to her.
Boo popping in for a guest appearance.
Not to mention that the TV is off, and when it's 115 degrees outside, and we're all trapped indoors, that's not a given!

ps-if anyone wants to link another 1000 piece puzzle that's not crazy hard from Amazon, I'm going to need to buy another one!

When your kids get really quiet all of a sudden,

and you have to go check on them to see what they are up to...

... and it's all good!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The littlest golfers

If you've been hanging around here a while, you know that golf is a summer tradition for our crazy kiddos. They all participate in golf clinics and tournaments. And as they get older, some of them have a more natural ability to do it than others. As a blue-collar gal I have no such childhood experiences, and now I totally see the benefits of learning good sportsmanship, respect, constraint all taught along side the sport of golf. It's really a wonderful sport for kids to learn!
Tess has been participating in this clinic for a few years now, and she has been steadily improving each year. Honestly, golf isn't her thing. But she likes being with the other kids, and she's super duper competitive so she still enjoys participating. Sometimes she misses the ball altogether. Oh well. Tess took 2nd in her division this year, scoring an 11 on 1 hole.
Mimi did pretty well this year too. She was one of the youngest participants, and she wasn't sure about all that daily practice. But she did it mostly because Tess and Jude did each day, and she because she wanted to participate in the tournament. And of course she loved wearing all that pink, including a pink golf bag! For 1 hole she scored a 28. Not too bad because she had lots of fun doing it!
She's still sticking out her tongue when she concentrates!  LUV that! 
 I mean that's a pretty adorable foursome!
Jude has been playing golf for a few years now too. Despite his diminutive size and occasional bum feet, Jude is quite athletic. If he can't be playing, watching or talking about baseball, (his very favorite sport) he wants to be swinging a golf club. He really enjoys golf, loves playing with his buddies and is pretty good at it. This year he knows about the sport enough (and it's etiquette) that we let him play by himself in the afternoons. Jude's bag weighs next to nothing, but I figure when you only weigh 40 lbs, it couldn't hurt to have a pull cart. His feet have been bugging him quite a bit this summer, probably just from continuing to build up muscles after this last year's treatment and casting. Jude is very often seen limping on the last hole and as he comes home. Poor buddy, but he insists on playing!

Jude was one of the youngest boys in his division and played 3 holes in the tournament this year, scoring a 28! Papa has had high hopes with many of the crazy kiddos playing golf, and maybe, just maybe he might have found his sunset golf partner in Jude. Fingers crossed!
This is Jude and his steady golf buddy, Ben, on the right. These 2 try to play a few holes by themselves each afternoon. They are adorable! Lucky we have a club that not only accommodates children playing but encourages it.
To answer your question, (okay maybe you weren't asking but whatever) I did try to learn to play golf several years back. I gave it a good go too and took lessons for a couple months, practiced and everything! And after a couple months it still felt like the most completely unnatural sport ever invented. My body contorted in the most unusual shapes. Sadly, it was never fun. But I can talk the talk, cheer on my favorite players with a respectful golf clap, and I drive that little cart with a glass of wine in my hand really well!

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