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Monday, October 1, 2018


I took photography back in the dark ages in college, when film was the only choice, but I've learned so much more from this class and pushed myself more than I ever did then. I can't thank you enough for sparking my joy for photography again! ~Suzanne

I just came to the end of teaching my beginning photography class right now, and I'm loving this class so much. But I'm also looking forward to the next class, Beyond Manual, and so it's GIVEAWAY TIME AGAIN for a FREE SEAT in this upcoming class that starts on October 15th! 
If you're already shooting in Manual mode, but want to learn more about light and focus, this is a fabulous class for you. There is SO much great information on focus in this class, so if you'd like to nail your focus and get crisp sharp photographs, this is the class for you! But that's not all! If you like to learn about light and how to use it to your advantage, this is also the class for you! Beyond Manual is an intermediate class and does not instruct students how to shoot in Manual mode or cover the concepts relating to exposure. There are very few seats left in this class, and I do anticipate that it'll sell out quite soon. The details of the class are HERE, and if you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to contact me.


I'll announce the winner on my Facebook and Instagram pages in a week's time.Fingers are crossed for you!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Why an egg fast?

So I've gotten a few questions about WHY I'm doing this crazy egg fast thing. I'll admit it's crazy! Welcome to my world!
But there are a couple reasons why I decided to do it.

Let me backtrack a just a bit.
A little over a year ago, I drastically changed my diet to a low carb one. I'm a long-term, yo-yo dieter, and I needed to lose weight, (again) and I needed to lose weight in a way that I could make it a life style and stick with it forever. I think there are a lot of paths to do that but low carb seems to be what works for me and specifically a Keto diet.

60 ish lb weight loss later, (Yay me!) I've stalled, and I still haven't hit my goal weight. Not that a goal weight is the end all be all, but it's my goal, and I'd like to reach it. 4 months of stalling later, and I decided I needed a re-boot. Enter the 5 day egg fast. The egg fast is my re-boot. I'll jump right back into my Keto plan with a couple of modifications after it's over and see if I can work off these last 20lbs. I think I'll be low carb forever. It works for me, and it's a style of eating I think I can live with long term. Or at least that's the plan!

And one more reason for the egg fast... to me this crazy thing is mind over matter just to see if I CAN do it. Do I have it in my to finish it? Do I have it in me to eat almost nothing but eggs for 5 days? So much about eating what I know I should eat, avoiding what I know I shouldn't, and doing what I NEED to do to keep my body healthy is about mental fitness, and for me this is one of the areas that needs the most work. The egg fast is mentally exercising this part of me.

So that's why I'm eating nothing but eggs for 5 days. Well there's also good fat and cheese but only 3 ingredients really. So far, I've completed 4 days, and it's not horrible. I'm gonna finish this thing!
PS-Deviled eggs made with a bit of bacon grease are ridiculously amazing!
PPS-Those are meringue cookies, not deviled eggs. It's a crazy and often confusing world I live in, I tell you!

Monday, August 13, 2018

#BlackMoldVacay2016 Revisit

Papa surprised us with a day at a local resort. 
It's the same one we went to a couple of years ago, right before Ru came home. 
Remember? Remember when Black mold infested our house and we have to leave? And it was no less than 3,000 degrees in the shade? So we decided to make lemon-aid out of lemons and insurance let us stay here for 3 weeks? And the kids rushed to finish their homework each day so they could float in the lazy river? 
Yeah, I loved that. 
So we did it again, but this time insurance didn't foot the bill so we just stayed 1 day. 
Well... most of us only stayed the day. Livy volunteered to stay with the kiddos that night, and so 2 of us got to actually stay the night... by ourselves!
Wrinkly hands... 
The sign of a day well played if you ask me!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Giveaway! The class that starts it all!


Yes, I'm giving away a seat in class again, 'cause giving away stuff is fun! This is the class that I get the most questions about and the one I find the most people waiting for, the one that starts your photography journey! The one that shows you how to shoot in Manual mode (in easy to understand language, I'll walk you through every step!) This is the class that explains all those numbers and buttons on that fancy DSLR or Mirrorless camera that you have! Just in time for those holiday pictures you've always dreamt of too!
For a free seat in my upcoming photography class, Manual Mode! Details of the class are HERE. The only people eligible for this contest are those that have not previously taken the class Manual Mode, (or Manual 'n More) and I'll announce the winner in a week, just in time for class to start just after Labor Day on September 4th!
The class is already about 1/2 full. If you register and win the raffle, I'll happily apply your registration fee to another class of your choice. The details and registration for the class are HERE, and if you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to contact me! I'll announce the winner on my Facebook page and Instagram pages in a week's time.

Fingers are crossed for you!

Monday, July 23, 2018

What we do in the summer...

Lots of nothing important, that is.
Just being together.
At the beginning of the summer, Papa built me a horseshoe pit for my birthday. We've put in many hours already practicing, but I can't say I'm any good at it yet. It does bring me right back to my childhood. I remember watching hours of horse games as a child which usually also involved a cowboy or 2, beer, and a little bit of being reprimanded by the adult for crossing in the middle of the pit during a game. Now I'm the one doing the reprimanding. 
Most of these pics are were taken by Boo, who is almost 16 years old now. Well not the one below of Boo, I took that one. He took my beginner's photography class last summer and he's still borrowing my camera and shooting in manual mode, and rockin' his photography skills! 
As much as pics of myself make me cringe, I won't delete them. In a few decades time, I'd like my kids to look back at these photos and know I was a part of their lives too! Thank you, Boo!
And thank you, Papa, for the horseshoe pit! I love it! And even more I love the time we spend together enjoying it!

Friday, June 22, 2018

GIVEAWAY - FREE SEAT in Lightroom 101 Class!

It's GIVEAWAY time again! This time it's for a FREE seat in my upcoming class, Lightroom 101, that starts on July 9th! Only folks who have never taken this class from Ordinary Miracles Photography are eligible.
This all-online class is beginner through intermediate level and will demonstrate how I edit photos efficiently via Lightroom. I’ll keep it simple, use easy-to-understand language, and give step-by-step instructions in both written lessons and over 20 video demonstrations. I will not toss a PDF and drop you, but rather I'll walk you through the whole thing! My classes are quite interactive, and we’re going to do this together! Via a private group just for our class, you can share your photos {or not,} ask questions, and get feedback anytime throughout the class. You will be able to see what other students are doing and asking in the class too. You choose when to check in online, view course material, and there’s no pressure because you work at your own pace. You can participate during nap time, in the middle of the night, only on the weekends, or whenever. Feel free to come to class in your jammies! I will be available the whole time for questions and to offer clarifications and information. No secrets. If I know it, I’m willing to share it! 

The details and registration for the class are HERE, and if you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to contact me! I'll announce the winner on my Facebook and Instagram pages in a week's time.

Fingers are crossed for you!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

puppy kisses

Someone was asking for kisses, 
...and got an abundance of them shortly there after.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

We had a little scare...

After this... years of this...
This photo was taken after Jude came home from a long busy day. His feet were/are hurting him, and he's rubbing them.
Jude's feet are being a bit "not right" right now.

We're not sure what that "not right" actually is, but currently not right is presenting itself in the form of pain, awkward positioning, decreased flexibility, and a limp that has lasted for almost 3 weeks now. 

We think
we hope
we pray that it is just simply an injury that is on the mend already. We've been in contact with Jude's pediatric orthopedic surgeon (all the way over in Missouri, and the best one in the world in my opinion) and after listening to my concerns via email and watching videos, he says all looks good to him too. In other words, no sign of a relapse.
But still.
You know that little mama-gut feeling in the back of you head that says something just isn't right, like the time they swore that Ru's arm wasn't broke, and it was 'cause they x-rayed the wrong arm, the one that wasn't broken but the other one was broken all along... well I've got that uneasy, something-ain't-right feeling again.

My very non medical mama gut says an injury should have healed by now, an injury he would have gotten just by being a kid, riding his bike, playing golf, just being active mind you. Or I'm over reacting. Or I'm just worried 'cause I'm a mom and that's what I do.
All of which are quite possible options.

It's probably nothing.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

My favorite foursome

This is how we spend many o' afternoons in the summer.
Know that I am not a golf gal. I'm a blue collar, barely-wears-shoes gal that often finds herself feeling completely out of place on a golf course.

Several years back I tried really hard to learn how to play golf. I got lessons and practiced. I gave it a good couple years too. And still after a couple years it still felt like the strangest, contort-you-body-in-the-oddest-ways sport. And I threw in the proverbial golf towel. I wish it didn't but it did. And I know it's a fault of mine, but I don't like to do things that I'm not particularly good at. I should change that. But maybe not starting with golf, okay? 
But the kids play golf, and they learn how to carry their own clubs and how not to cheat even when they can. And over the years I've learned a lot of the rules to help them along. I can usually pick out the right club for them to use, and truth be told I can order a cocktail and drive that golf cart around the  course like nobody's business! And I do love lots of the rules of golf and how they are often about how to get along and respect one another. So even though I'm far from a golf mom, I am and mom, and I like to take the kids to play golf in the late afternoon. It's pretty. It's outside. The crow are usually cawing. The light in gorgeous as it filters through the trees. It's good summer stuff for sure. 
On some days my little foursome play 1 hole and on others we play 6 and only go in cause it's so dark we can't see the ball any more. Sometimes they take a friend along, sometimes their cousins join them, and sometimes it's just them. Sometimes it take over an hour to play one hole. Sometimes it take 15 strokes to get out of the sand trap. Sometimes someone makes the green of a short par-3 in one stroke! Sometimes the play ends up in tears and a great teaching opportunity about how it's all about trying our best and enjoying being together.  
But every time I come away thinking how it's such a wonderful amazing way to just be together and enjoy each other's company even though we are all so very different. And how lucky we are to have the opportunity to do it! We really are!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Photo Gallery {Jupiter: Ghost Bar}

A Photo Gallery image for the photo buffs to analyze and mull over.
24mm, 30 sec, f/22, ISO 100
The name of the bar is Jupiter. LOVED this bar. Had a great feel to it.

For the record, no ghosts haunt this bar, well none that I know of. But it kinda look like they haunt the bar stools in this one!

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